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Welcome to Elite Style Coaching Service

Welcome to Elite Styling Coaching Services, where the journey to self-discovery, wellness, and personalized style is a luxurious experience exclusively crafted for all women. In our elite program, we unveil the power of your identity, guiding you towards a profound understanding of who you are and the potential for growth that lies within.

Our coaching services go beyond the superficial; it explores the essence of your being, emphasizing the crucial link between personal wellness and an authentic, confident appearance. Picture yourself stepping into a space meticulously designed to evoke growth opportunities and happiness—a space where your identity takes center stage, and your style becomes a powerful tool for self-expression.

Antonia Taylor

CEO of The Onward LLC

The Elite Styling Coach

Here's What You Are Missing !

Live Coaching Sessions

Personalized Assessments

Limited Enrollment & Private Community 

Elite Styling Coaching Packages

Bronze Package:

Tailored for the woman of influence on the move.

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  • 1 Month of Personal Styling Virtual Sessions including wardrobe Mastery and Color Application.

  • A personalized style guide with tips on creating stylish outfits from the basics.


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Additional Features:

  • Exclusive Access to Styling Resources from the sessions

Silver Package:

Crafted for the driven woman seeking refinement.

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  • 3 Months of Personal Styling Virtual Sessions

  • Capsule Wardrobe Building. Learn to create a cohesive wardrobe with fewer pieces, maximizing versatility. 

  • Color Palette Application and Exploration 

  • Confidence-Boosting Styling: Techniques to use clothing as a tool for enhancing self-confidence


Additional Features:

  • Seasonal Style Check-ins: Regular virtual sessions to assess progress, discuss any challenges, and adjust the styling plan accordingly.

Platinum Package:

Exclusively designed for woman of excellence.

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  • 6+ Months of Personal Styling.

  • Mind & Body Alignment

  • Wardrobe Cleanse Sessions.

  • Professional Branding Consultation

  • Wellness-Integrated Styling:

  • Exclusive Access to Elite Styling program.

  • Exclusive Access to Elite Styling Conference & Events

Additional Features:

  • Priority Scheduling: Priority access to session scheduling, ensuring personalized attention throughout the program.


View Our Mentee Feedback

Antonia was very effective at helping me understand the the importance of my character for my current career goals. I never thought I could be so self-aware and confident about who I am. My style has changed drastically ! I feel like a new person!

A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony_edite

Barbara Johnson

Elite Styling Coaching Mentee


This program has change my life forever! As a plus size women that has faced many problems with my weight during covid, I honesty thought no could love me. I was hooked after the first mindset course ! The VOW that I made the first day of the mentorship allow me to discover my self-worth and transform my negative thoughts into a power version of myself. 

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 4.31.43 AM.png

Angela Karamoy

Elite Styling Coaching Mentee

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