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Elite Styling Challenge

Day 1 Mindset Mastery Day 2 Personal Style and Color Day 3 Professional Brand Image Creation
Time is TBD
Zoom Virtual Event

Elite Styling Challenge


Q: Why have you created this challenge?

A: It was to help women discover the best version of themselves in 3 days!

Q: is this challenge beneficial for women entrepreneurs?

A: Yes, absolutely this challenge is beneficial for all women that are interested in thriving in their industry such as Career Women, Entrepreneurs, Boutique/Clothing line Owners.


Q: How long will it be?

A: The Fashion Transformation Challenge will be for 3 days. General Admission has access granted for 1 hour each day.

VIP has access granted for 1 hour each day plus an Extra 30 minutes for direct Q&A.

Q: Will you teach something different each day ?

A: Yep, Day 1. Mindset Mastery, Day 2. Personal Style & Color, and Day 3. Brand Identity Creation

Q: How much are the tickets ?

A: General Admission is Original Price $97 -SALE Price $55 VIP is Original Price $197 -SALE Price $97

Q: Do you offer Recording of the 3 day challenge?

A: VIP keeps the Replay Recording for all 3 days of the event for 24 hours.

Q: Are tickets refundable ?

A: Ticket are refundable after 24 hours purchase

Elite Styling Coaching Mentee


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Sophie LeSieur 

Elite Styling Mentee


Katherine Martinez

 Elite Styling Mentee

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